B-Side: For Taylor

B-Side: For Taylor ( 2023 )

B-Side: For Taylor


When a Korean family unexpectedly immigrates next door, Taylor, a 14-year old Korean-American adoptee discovers her roots and the whereabouts of her birth family.

Actores: Jeannine Vargas, Dave Huber, Esther Moon, Jacky Jung, Dexter Farren Haag, Sharon Brook, Caroline Bloom, Teddy Lee, Crystal Lee, Curry Barker, Stephanie Schulz, Stephanie Arapian, James Kang, Beth Goldberg, Angie Rhee
Director: Christina Yr. Lim, Christina Yr. Lim, Randal Kamradt, Christina Yr. Lim, Randal Kamradt, Aaron Franklin, Siyu Karneboge, Hannah Bang, Randal Kamradt, Rebecca Beerstein, Sofie Rimler
Fecha de estreno: 2023

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B-Side: For Taylor
2023 Año
Drama Generos

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